Vein-Finder Peer Education Sessions

If you have trouble finding good veins, or would just like to have a look at your own vasculature (vein map), pop into the office after midday on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, or give us a call at CAHMA to find out where else the Venoscope might be visiting on those mornings.

A simple, safe solution

Peer educators can help you see veins, valves, and bifurcations not visible to the naked eye, leading to better-informed site assessment decisions and improved needle placement. An accurate, in-focus image to scale is projected when the device is positioned 15 -25 cm above the patient’s skin surface.

Have a conversation about vein care

Have a chat with our peer educators about looking after your veins and get resources and information to reduce your risk of harm.

Follow up

Visit the CAHMA Clinic on Wednesdays to speak with a doctor and nurse from Directions Health to follow up on your vein finder results and address any vein health questions you may have!

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