Outreach BBQ’s

CAHMA peer support workers provide BBQs (or Covid friendly refreshments during high-risk periods) in outreach locations in Canberra and surrounds several times per week. Our workers are part of our community and understand your health and well-being needs, and how difficult it can be to engage with services.

Services Available

These BBQs are a collaboration with Directions Health Service PAT Van who are friendly and non-discriminatory. CAHMA Peer Workers work alongside Directions’ doctor and nurse teams to provide friendly and free primary healthcare. We change our venues often so make sure you keep up to date with where the PAT Van and peer support workers are this week. Talk to our peer support workers to receive naloxone training on the spot as well as get linked to our peer treatment support and case management team, our Connection team and other programs.

  • Free food and drink available
  • Naloxone training and kits
  • Drop-in visits to nurse and doctor
  • Sexual health checks
  • Referrals to other healthcare services that require a referral.
  • Blood born virus treatment – Hepatitis C treatment, Hepatitis B vaccinations
  • Covid vaccinations and boosters
  • Methadone, Buprenorphine and Buvidal treatment
  • Blood tests
  • Support letters if you are properly engaged with the service
  • Referral to CAHMA peer treatment support services and Direction’s counselling and case management services.
  • Ability to see doctor and nurse at other Direction’s clinics such as Directions Woden.