Community Development Program (CDP)

About Community Development Program (CDP)

The Community Development Program (CDP) is the backbone of the CAHMA community. Through the CDP, community members can access volunteer pathways that can lead to employment, further education and opportunities to help people in need. Anyone with lived experience of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs use can become CAHMA volunteer. If you are passionate about our community and want to contribute and learn, get in contact with us.

CAHMA provides training, practical skills development, mentoring and supervision within the harm reduction framework. CAHMA’s volunteer training course consist of five modules of training:


  1. MODULE ONE: Introduction
  2. MODULE TWO: Basic skills
  3. MODULE THREE: Peer Education and Harm Reduction
  4. MODULE FOUR: CAHMA model of care and its services
  5. MODULE FIVE: CAHMA partnerships and other ATOD services in ACT

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