Cahma Clinic

The CAHMA Clinic is run weekly on Wednesdays from 10am-2pm. Located in our Belconnen drop in centre and is operated in conjunction with a fully certified doctor and nurse. The doctor and nurse are trusted Directions staff who understand our community and provide their services in a non-judgemental manner, with patient confidentiality being of utmost importance.

Clinic Services

  • Drop-in visits to nurse and doctor
  • Sexual health checks
  • Referrals to other healthcare services that require a referral.
  • Blood born virus treatment – Hepatitis C treatment, Hepatitis B vaccinations
  • Covid vaccinations and boosters
  • Methadone, buprenorphine and Buvidal treatment
  • Blood tests
  • Mental health care plans
  • Support letters if you are properly engaged with the service
  • Ability to see doctor and nurse at other Direction’s clinics such as Directions Woden
  • Referral to CAHMA peer treatment support services and Direction’s counselling and case management services.

How to access

  • Space is often limited make sure you come early to ensure your spot
  • Check the CAHMA Clinic timetable to ensure the doctor is available
  • Make sure to hydrate and warm up if you need a blood test
  • Ring CAHMA if you are unsure if the service you need is provided at the clinic
  • You can ask a CAHMA worker to accompany you to your appointment for support