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News From The Drug War Front

News From The Drug War Front is CAHMA's weekly radio show.

The time of the show has recently changed....

It is now broadcast on Canberra's community radio 2XX, on 98.3 fm, every Tuesday morning from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm.

The show can now be accessed as a podcast!...

The show can also be heard online, during the broadcast, from the "Listen Live" link on the 2xx website


The show can now be heard online, at any time, from the

"News From The Drug War Front" page on the 2xx website

(Using the "Listen Back" link)

Or from the "On Demand" link at the top of the 2XX main page... Here

(These archived shows begin from Tue 9th Jan 2018, but some older shows are also available.

Some of the newer ones are also missing, due to technical issues at 2XX; our apologies.)


"News From The Drug War Front" also has a Facebook page, where you can comment on our commentary.









While producing News From The Drug War Front, CAHMA has compiled a large collection of music related to drugs and drug use. We can't give you download links, but all of it has been sourced online (mostly from youtube). A list of these songs is available HERE.

Some of this music isn't really related to drugs, some of it is about homelessness or some other issue we care about. And a little of it just got snuck in because someone liked it or thought it was funny. But 95% of it is music celebrating, or about, the lifestyle(s) of illicit drug users (and even some legal drug users) -some of it dating back quite a few years.

If there is a good drug song you know of which isn't here, please let us know about it. Write to: