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Blood Borne Viruses

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Useful information for illicit drug users


Among the vast array of information which illicit drug users can find useful in managing their lives, there are a few broad topics which we are most often asked about. Unsurprisingly, these topics all come under the umbrella of managing either ones health or ones drug use (and finances). So, the information which we are posting on this section is all about how to avoid or manage blood borne viruses, where to get clean fits, what sort of treatment options there are available in Canberra (and throughout Australia) and some more generalised info on safer using.


We'll try to bring you up to date information as it comes to hand but, as that's not always possible, we'll at least update things every few months. Try to come back and check things out a few times a year and you'll keep on top of all the latest news.




Have a look at the tabs above for up to date info on important issues for illicit drug users.

If you need to know about something which isn't covered here, give us a call on (02) 6279 1670 or 62 533 643

or write to us at info@cahma.org.au.