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There is a page about methadone and suboxone dosing HERE.

For any clients wishing to know about eligibility for the Medicare Benefits Schedule (Bulk Billing) for telephone consultations, there is a link to the relevant document Here. (as a pdf)
or Here as a word doc.

Interpretations of the requirements for satisfying this criteria may differ between practices but our advice is that you should be eligible if you are on an opioid substitution therapy (methadone, bupe, suboxone) as drug dependence should count as a chronic condition.

Life has changed quite a bit this year Things have not gotten easier. But thankfully, for people who use drugs, our direst fears have not come to pass. Supply has been maintained (for the most part), and illicit drug users (IDU) have not been scapegoated for spreading the virus. Lat's try to keep it that way. We all know how to maintain a low profile ...let's keep it up.

But money is about to get tighter. Our governmant's welfare assistance is about to tighten up. Things might get difficult. What we can suggest is that many of us are going to need to re-think our budgets. We are going to need to budget more for food and essentials so that we can take every opportunity to buy up what we can, when we can. Not to bulk buy -not that many of us could afford to do that if we wanted to (and we shouldn't anyway)- but just to keep some essentials in our cupboards. CAHMA is also working with the ACT government to ensure that people can survive. We are working on ways to do this. Come in and talk to us if you are having real trouble making ends meet; we will do all we can to help you.

With people panic buying all over the place, a lot of people on pensions and benefits are now doing it extremely hard. People are beginning to find that they cannot buy the food they would normally use to feed their family. We need to try to make sure we ALWAYS have ten or twenty dollars on hand so that we can buy things as they become available. We will need to be constantly keeping our eyes open and taking every opportunity to "pop into that shop there" to see what's on the shelves. If you have some money in your pocket to buy some mince meat, or some soap, or some rice or whatever, whenever you see it on a shelf, you will be a lot better off. We know that it's going to be tough ...it's a big ask for someone already trying to live on nothing, but we're going to have to find a way to do it.

We've put together a list of services which our clients may need to access. It shows opening times, etc. and indicates which services will be remaining open and how they will operate.

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Some harm reduction advice for people who use drugs, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic...


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