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Treatment Support Service

Treatment Support Service.

The Treatment Support Service (TSS) provides information on the range of drug treatment services available, and can assist both in making informed treatment choices and in smoothing out problems where they arise with external services.

Through the TSS, we provide education, support and referral to people who are on, or are considering, pharmacotherapy (methadone or buprenorphine) programs, or are looking into accessing detox, rehab, counselling or other support programs.

The support service provides information on the different drug and alcohol programs in the A.C.T., how to access them, and your rights as a treatment consumer.

If you are experiencing difficulties we can advocate on your behalf or liaise with treatment providers, including pharmacies, doctors, and staff at Drug and Alcohol services. If you are unhappy with a decision which has been made about you or your treatment, come see if we can help you sort it out.

CAHMA's Treatment Support service. It aims to:

Assist people to find the right type of drug treatment to suit their individual needs.

Provide relevant information on the types of drug treatments available from multiple sources.

Find drug treatment services and help you get into them.

Offer ongoing support and advocacy whilst in treatment and beyond.

CAHMA Treatment Support Service provides services which include:

Education and information on the range of treatments available.

Personal assessment to ensure the treatment suits the individual's needs.

Referral to treatment services; we will tell you all about the services and how to get into the program.

Support, case management and access to counseling for those on treatment.

Information from the latest research on the range of drug treatments available and new developments.

Advocacy and complaint services for people on treatments, through intervention with treatment providers and consumers to resolve any concerns or complaints.

Contact CAHMA if you live in the Canberra region and have any questions or problems with any drug & alcohol related service in the area.