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Canberra's Take-Home-Naloxone Program

Overdose Prevention and Management Program

CAHMA is currently running an overdose prevention and management course that includes take-home naloxone (Narcan) to Eligible Participants*

Check out the following information if you would like to participate:


The training program covers:

Overdose risk factors and how to prevent and manage overdoses

CPR - how to give chest compression and rescue breathing

How naloxone works and how to give naloxone


What is involved?

Ring or visit CAHMA to book in (contact details at bottom of page)

Attend the 3 hour training course

Bring along your Medicare Card

Attend a brief consultation with the Dr at the end of the 3 hours to make sure you know how to safely give naloxone


What you get?

Take home naloxone

A $25 payment to cover travel or other costs

Snacks and drinks

Life-saving information


*An Eligible Participant™ is someone who may at some time need naloxone “ an ex or current opioid user (heroin, morphine, etc)- who has gained the required level of knowledge to safely administer naloxone (decided through interview with a doctor at end of training course). Family and friends of opioid users can attend the training and can now obtain Naloxone over-the-counter (no prescription needed) at community pharmacies throughout Canberra.


CAHMA is proud to announce the first Peer Administered Naloxone Program in Australia. The program, which started running in the early months of 2012, was developed by CAHMA and the Implementing Expanded Naloxone Availability in the ACT (IENAACT) committee. The progran provides training in the skills necessary to administer Naloxone, as well as supplying the means and materials (i.e. the Naloxone). CAHMA is confident that this will bring about significant improvements in the way overdoses are managed and, through this, an increase in the number of people surviving potentially fatal opioid overdoses.

The program has the support of a wide range of stakeholders, including the Pharmaqcy Guild, the ACT Division of General Practice, numerous individual General Practitioners, the ACT Ambulance Service, thousands of drug users throughout Australia as well as their families, friends and various service providers. There is also support from the ACT Chief Minister and numerous other ACT Government Ministers. The program also has wide support from numerous national bodies including the Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD), which is the primary advisory body to the Australian Government.


CAHMA is extremely proud to have been part of getting this Australian first program up and running. We look forward to working with opioid users, their peers, family and friends in providing training and, on succesful completion of the training, providing take-home Naloxone through an on-site issued script.

If you would like to take part in this program, contact CAHMA for training details, dates and times.

Training courses are currently running roughly every two weeks in the Canberra city area.

Please contact CAHMA for more information, including finding out how to get involved .