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Australia21 Report

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A recently released report reccomends de-criminalising drugs

and establishing a controlled "white market" in Australia

to break black market control of the drug trade.

"This is the report of a full-day roundtable of 17 law enforcement experts retired judges, prosecutors, senior police, prison and parole administrators, drug law researchers and advocates, conducted at the University of Sydney in September 2015, to consider ways in which Australia could develop safer and more effective policy in relation to illicit drugs."

"While the drug supply market remains unregulated and in the hands of organised criminals who reap huge financial rewards from their endeavours, police will always be chasing their tails or playing catch-up. Law enforcement needs to be relieved of the responsibility of treating recreational and social users as criminals. The user end of the illicit drug marketplace needs to be dealt with primarily as a social and health issue. We must find a way to change the focus to causes, not simply symptoms. This change is already occurring in a number of countries, with demonstrably beneficial outcomes."

...quotes from the Australia21 report.

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