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We have created this page to emphasize the importance of isolating ourselves, and of keeping our distance when we do need to go out. This thing is by no means over. We can't affoird to get lax, or this virus could overwhelm us.

This graph shows us just how important this is.
It shows the effectiveness of these measures if 80% or 90% of the population take this seriously,
and the calamity we could be facing if only 70% of us do as we're being asked
(i.e. STAY HOME when theres a local lockdown, and maintain Social Distancing the rest of the time).

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To emphasize this, we've found you some graphs....

The Reff is the effective reproduction number...
It shows how may people will have the virus passed on to them (per active case). It cahnges with how well the community is distancing and isolating, etc..

The following one shows the transmission sources of Australia's Covid cases.....

And a short infographic to show how this happens...

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