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CAHMA Services

Peer Education



Drug Users Working For Drug Users.

CAHMA is a peer-based drug user group, run by and for people who use, or have used, illicit drugs. We are a unique service within the ACT, and operate on a peer based , user centred philosophy, which means we encourage and support people to speak on their own behalf and to participate directly in improving their lives.


CAHMA exists to promote the health and human rights of people who use, or have used, illicit drugs. We believe that people who use drugs should be treated with dignity and respect, both as human beings and as consumers of health and social services. CAHMA works to reduce the discrimination and stigma experienced by drug users.


As a peer based group we have a first-hand knowledge and understanding of the issues encountered by people who use illicit drugs.


CAHMA provides peer support, education, representation and advocacy. We promote improved health for drug users and, through the provision of education and information, seek to reduce harms associated with illicit and injecting drug use.


Through representing drug users on decision making committees, we provide a drug user perspective and voice in the development of policies and programs that impact on the lives and health of drug users.


CAHMA runs peer education workshops , for illicit and injecting drug users, that provide accurate and relevant information with the aim of reducing risky behaviours and drug related harms. Through education, we aim to empower drug users to take control over their health and enable people to make informed, positive lifestyle choices.


Education workshops are run regularly and are advertised through needle and syringe programs, chemists and other drug and alcohol services.


CAHMA can provide information on Alcohol and Other Drug Services, as well as other government and community services.


CAHMA can assist in accessing the most relevant service for your needs, can provide referral and can advocate for you where necessary.